Why dokshop

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The easy way to manage and print your collateral.

Consider how much collateral your company prints. Chances are, you have ongoing needs for stationery, forms, marketing materials, and much more. Whether your company is large or small, modifying and managing those materials can be a time-consuming and expensive process. To make it easier, there’s dokshop.

This online service is a streamlined, cost-effective way to order and print your business materials. Since 2001, businesses around the country have used dokshop to improve turn-around time, reduce human error, and ensure brand continuity. Dokshop is fully customizable and enables both internal employees and distribution networks to order personalized collateral.

Site security provides confidence. Customized functions provide ease.

Security is our top priority. So you can feel confident that dokshop.com is protected by VeriSign SSL Certificate services.

By assigning individual log-ins and passwords, your company’s site can be set up with the internal security level you require. Proofing and cost details can be viewed only by the people you select. In addition, billing can be set up to send invoices to your corporate office or the billing address of your choice. You may also choose to make your purchases with a credit card through our secure site.

Given that every company has different needs, dokshop provides customizable reporting capabilities with. The reports can be exported to Excel for easy integration into your company’s computer system.

Dokshop is your own personal library.

With its library module, dokshop gives you the ability to store electronic production materials online. This consolidates the production and purchasing process into one streamlined website. Library functions such as Logo Library and Advertising Library can be housed at this site for use in the templates or for downloading.

How to please everyone at your company.

Dokshop provides benefits that will appeal to every department and individual in your company. Designers and marketing professionals will be happy because the brand is maintained while small, mundane projects are eliminated. End users or buyers are happy because there are fewer middlemen and the product is received faster. Managers are happy because costs and errors are reduced. Accounting is happy because reporting and billing arrives the way they specify.

Picture your needs.

Dokshop enables you to create your own corporate print shop. In fact, you can choose to have your dokshop site take on the visual appearance of your company.

First, set the parameters. Simply tell us about your specific needs and graphic standards, and our programmers will design easy-to-use templates for frequently ordered and customized products. These templates will come from files provided by your design team. They’ll follow specific style guides that are maintained and used for all printed pieces.

As a result, your company will be able to manage and ensure the consistency of your brand.

Place your order.

Using a personalized log-in and password, authorized users can access your corporate site at dokshop.com. Your company determines who has access to the site and can customize the level of ordering authority on an individual basis. Once users arrive at the site, they can select from a list of available items and place their orders.

Each user enters custom information or selects from a drop-down menu of approved options. Based on your company’s parameters, products can be customized with personal information. That includes names and titles, addresses, phone numbers, hours, company logos, photos or any other copy or graphics you specify.

Take a Tour.

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